Engagement - Camps

Students from years 3-6 participate in a camping program. Students attend camp with their class, and enjoy the challenges, learning and class bonding that exemplifies this fabulous experience.

In 2016 we look forward to the following camping experiences:

•         Learning Groups will visit Sovereign Hill school and tourist venue where they will live the life of 1850’s children on the goldfields. This will be held late in term 3.  September 14th - 16th.
•         3/4 students will enjoy Camp Wyuna on September 12th - 14th

The grade 3 4 camp program runs on a biannual rotation between the outdoors adventure camp at Camp Sunnystones, Bacchus Marsh and the coastal beach venue at Camp Wyuna, Queenscliff. We attend Camp Sunnystones in the odd years of 2015 and 2017, while the even years of 2016 and 2018 will see us at Camp Wyuna. 

At both venues children spend one night and two days enjoying the company of fellow students and getting to know their teachers in a different environment. At Camp Sunnystones students experience bush walks, bush cooking, geocaching and various other bush related activities. Camp Wyuna offers students beach activities, damper making and glorious walks around the Queenscliff environment.

In 2016  the Grade 5/6 students traveled to Sovereign Hill for an exciting camp. There were fun activities to enjoy: We had heaps of fun experiencing the classrooms at Sovereign Hill and heaps of other activities including the 'Blood on the Southern Cross'. 

( 2017 camp will be another adventure camp to be held near Bacchus Marsh).   The LGs had a great time at camp. We really would like to thank the fantastic parents and teachers. 


Parent Feedback

'I Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the 5/6 team for your organisation and attendance at the Sovereign Hill Camp. Despite the weather not being the best it obviously didn’t deter from the great events planned.  Ruby came home raving that it was the BEST camp she had ever been on. She gave us a lengthy and detailed recount of the daily events, accommodation and food. According to Ruby everything was AMAZING. It was wonderful to see all the chn and staff dressed up and really taking on their characters. The pre work the chn did regarding their characters made it more authentic and obviously relatable. She really loved retelling her experience with you when revisiting the lolly shop. She said she asked you why you were wanting them to go back into the lolly shop when you had already taken them in there, and your response being ‘for the free samples’ we both laughed out loud.  I know how much preparation goes into organising a camp and how tiring attending can be, so thank you all for all your efforts and providing such a positive experience for the children. In Ruby’s words ‘The beat camp ever’.

Many thanks Nicole.'