Enrolment - Materials Charges

Students receive minimal supplies in a reusable book bag at the commencement of term one once full payment has been received.   Essential Education Items for each year level are as follows.

Grade Prep

Grade One

Grade Two

Grade Three

Grade Four

Grade Five

Grade Six

Payments can be made at the office anytime, between 8:20 am and 3:45pm  Please note payments cannot be taken on the last day of term

The office will be open for payments and collection of book packs  on 30th January 2017 between 11.00am - 2:30pm.  We ask that all payment be finalised no later than 10th February 2017.

Payment methods are:



We understand that this can be a very expensive time of the year for a lot of families and w are more than happy to accept part payments from now until the due date if this can help with your budgeting.