Leadership - Junior School Council

The Lara Primary’s Junior School Council (JSC) organises and implements a range of fundraising events, particularly for people in need of our help. At our school there is a JSC representative and deputy from every class in the school. They are voted in by their classmates at the beginning of the year.

A JSC representative at Lara Primary School needs to be enthusiastic, dedicated, flexible and most importantly organised! The JSC representatives take on board ideas and suggestions from their grade and bring those ideas to JSC meetings. The JSC also communicate with the School Council. Every term the JSC organise a whole school fundraiser. This involves advertising and reporting the events in the newsletter, web page and putting posters around the school. The school JSC is based on the ‘student voice’ of all Lara PS students.

Our Junior School Council Members for 2018 are;

Prep:  Joel & Talia

Grade 1/2: 

Grade 3/4

Grade 5/6