Defibrillator now at school

Defibrillator now at school

Posted 08-Jun-2017

Lara Primary School now has a defibrillator at school.   What is an AED, and why are they vital in saving lives?

AED stands for‘ Automated External Defibrillator’, which is a device that detects lethal heart rhythms which stop the heart from pumping effectively, and then allows a rescuer to deliver a measured shock to a revert these rhythms,so the heart can pump effectively again.

  1. The only method available to revert lethal cardiac arrest rhythms is the use of a defibrillator e.g. AED.

  2. Statistically, for every minute lost without defibrillation, you lose 10% probability of saving a life (With good CPR you can extend this by several more minutes!)

  3. The ‘Average Ambulance Response Time in major metropolitan cities of Australia is approximately 16 minutes.

  4. If you apply a measured shock to a person’s heart,suffering a lethal rhythm within the first minute,they have a 70%chance of survival.

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