State Cross Country Championships - Congratulations Fili!

State Cross Country Championships - Congratulations Fili!

Posted 24-Jul-2017

Yesterday Fili competed in the state cross country in Bundoora Melbourne.  Over 100 under 11 girls completed this amazing cross country race in the rain, mud and cold conditions as it decided to rain just as they began the race.  Fili came 44th out the top 50 in the state for Lara Primary School.  Fili was so excited and proud of herself as we all are at Lara Primary School.  What an amazing effort Fili. 

Congratulations to all the girls who took part.  It was an amazing race with some tough competition.


Hi My name is Fili and i am a grade 5 from 5/6T. On the 22nd of June i was enough to compete in  the regionals cross country. It was held at Brimbank which is near Melbourne. Regionals is where you have to compete against the other students that ran in the top 8 at zone. From then on those students like myself competed in regionals. Running for our school was such an honor even though i was very tired and exhausted but i had so much fun . I came 5th and now I progress to state level. I am very proud of myself.  I ran against the under 11 girls. Remember to follow your dreams and always do your best . thank you

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