Welcome - Principal

Every child is unique, and every child can succeed.    At Lara Primary School we believe each individual is unique and we provide opportunities for students to shine and celebrate achievement.

“It is often said that children are the messages that we send to the future…school leaders are the guides to those children as they embark on that journey.” (Davies, 2005) We, as educators, have the power and the responsibility to have a significant impact on the learning of the students in our care, and the teachers who share our task. Learning is a social interaction (Vygotsky, 1978), and as a school we foster an environment that enable all participants to engage in learning. Critical to that are the relationships we forge with and between the students in our care.

Unwaveringly we believe children can learn, and we can help them get there. It is limited only by our flexibility, ingenuity and relentless persistence to understand the child, their strengths and starting point for learning. When we can understand what a learner knows and understands, we can guide them along a path to positive outcomes. One of our school catch cries, Difference Makes Us Unique, acknowledges that we are all individuals with strengths to be recognised, valued and built upon.

At Lara Primary School we offer a range of programs that enable students to explore their interests and capabilities – from the students annual experiences at Serendip Sanctuary, to the multi-platform approach to digital technologies or the privileged opportunity to work with the CASEA team on a school-wide program around Zones of Regulation.

Students are able to build their leadership skills through a range of opportunities, including school, house and class captains, Junior School Council and techsperts. After being selected for these roles, students engage in a level of training to build their skills and capacities. Our school captains run fortnightly assemblies and techsperts are an invaluable support team in the ICT rich classrooms. 

We urge you to explore the programs offered at our school.

Kind regards

Elissa Jackson

Principal - Lara Primary School