Welcome - Principal

Every child is unique, and every child can succeed. At Lara Primary School we value every individual and support them to strive for their personal best.

At Lara Primary School we challenge and support each other to strive for personal best. We deliver two messages to every child – ‘you can succeed’ and ‘I will help you do that’. 

Our staff and families work together to support each child to set goals and take pride in their achievements. 

We are thinkers at Lara Primary School. We know that learning happens when we ask questions of ourselves and others, maintain a positive attitude and take the opportunity to discover solutions to our problems. We know that it’s good to try something new, and we’ll have the support to take on the challenge.

We have a strong focus on student leadership, and support students to understand that great leaders bring out the best in others. Throughout the school we encourage and support others to achieve their best.

We would be delighted to share our school with you – if you are browsing our site to get to know who we are – enjoy, and do feel free to contact the school for further information. If you and your family are joining us because your child is beginning their formal education at Lara Primary School, we look forward to a positive relationship with you and your children.

Elissa Jackson