Programs - Literacy

‘Literacy is the capacity, confidence and disposition to understand and produce the English language accurately, fluently, creatively, critically, and effectively in a range of modes and digital settings, and in texts designed for a range of purposes and audiences.’

At Lara Primary School we understand that students learn to read by reading and write by writing. Our daily two-hour literacy time enables students to refine their skills by reading and writing a wide variety of texts.
Each child is supported to strive for their personal best, with the understanding that every child can succeed, given sufficient time and support. To this end students broaden their repertoire of strategies with a daily whole class focus, in regular small groups with the teacher or individually with the teacher. The teacher provides timely, explicit feedback to students to reinforce positive strategies and refine how they approach the task.

Speaking and listening is pivotal in developing students’ literacy capacities, and building confidence and competence in speaking and listening is woven through the whole school day.

When you enter a Literacy classroom, as a parent reading with your child before school in the prep classes or as a classroom helper assisting during the Literacy block, you will see students working with printed and digital text, individually, in small groups or with the whole class. Students will be eager to share their reading and writing with you, and proudly tell you what they are working on at the moment. All children have individual learning goals, making their learning focus clear and explicit.

At home, we ask you to support your child by sharing their reading and writing with them. Children will bring home texts to celebrate their competence – talk about the stories, listen to them read and tell them how very proud you are of them!

We understand the importance of our teachers continually refining their skills to best support their students.