Welcome - School Captains Welcome

Welcome to Lara Primary School,
We’re the four school captains of 2017. At Lara Primary School our four school captains work as a team.  Our peers selected us for this position at the end of 2016. By presenting a speech, we persuaded other students to elect us to represent them.  As school captains we run fortnightly assemblies, represent the school at important events, such as the ANZAC day ceremony, learn more about leadership by attending the National Young Leaders Conference, share our school with new families and encourage others to also develop their skills.

At this school we find that it’s a safe and welcoming environment. The teachers are easy to talk to and very helpful.  Education is important, as well as feeling safe and comfortable whilst learning and out in the yard. There are a range of leadership opportunities for your child to prepare for the future.  

At the end of the year we will have the pleasure to hand over our roles to next year’s captains and work with them for a week to orient them to the role.

Mix, Sophie, Joshua and Kiara.