Programs - Specialist Programs

At Lara Primary School, our specialist programs are facilitated by experts in their field. Our specialists have a passion and zest for their curriculum area that they enjoy sharing with the students across the school.


All grade 3 & 4 students enjoy participating in the Bluearth program at Lara Primary School.
Bluearth is a program that improves the health and wellbeing of students by encouraging increased participation in physical activity.
It uses specifically designed games, movements and postures to promote a number of principles that lead to achieving improved social, personal, physical and academic outcomes. 

These are:

  • Ability to concentrate and remain focussed on specific tasks
  • Self confidence
  • Cooperation
  • Awareness of others
  • A willingness to accept new challenges
  • Improving behaviour/choices.

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Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T) is embedded into learning and teaching at Lara Primary School. 

Students in grades 5 & 6 have weekly I.C.T. lessons with a specialist teacher and all students from Prep – 6 spend a full week each year using specialist technologies at our Serendip Sanctuary classroom. 

Having banks of tablets in a range of locations, including the library, all classrooms and at Serendip Sanctuary,  means teachers can use technologies in a variety of ways to enhance learning from small groups through to 1:1 access.  I.C.T. is entrenched within classes and peripherals are available for all students and staff to use as needed. 

At Lara Primary School children use technologies in many differing ways and for many differing purposes.  Saying this, we are unrelenting in our attitude towards cyber safety and offer, in every way that we possibly can, a safe and secure network.  Cyber safety, including safe and ethical online behaviours, is paramount and explicitly taught to all students.  


We are extremely fortunate to have a fantastic library at Lara Primary School. All students spend an hour a week browsing and borrowing books from our extensive array of quality children’s literature. The library provides books for classroom reading corners and classroom libraries. Classroom teachers and library technicians assists students to select appropriate texts. The library is open every morning at 8.30 allowing children to regularly exchange their books or just drop in to read before school. 

Book week occurs in August of every year with the library being a hive of activity during this week.
Parents and Carers are welcome to visit our library.


Children from Grades Prep to Grade Four attend a one hour weekly specialist Performing Arts class where they participate in singing, dancing and acting. 

“The Arts are unique, expressive, creative and communicative forms that engage students in critical and creative thinking and help them understand themselves and the world.” (VELS)

Over the year students will also have the opportunity to be involved in a talent show, assembly items and an end of year performance.
The Performing Arts team always welcome any donated items, including musical instruments, costumes, props and music CDs.
Our year 6 students farewell Lara Primary School with a Graduation Ceremony and performance.

Every child is encouraged to participate in the event, and it cumulates in a very positive, celebratory conclusion to their primary education.


It is vital students are involved in daily fitness activities. Every student will do an average of 30 minutes fitness per day. Lara Primary School is proud to have the use of a full-sized indoor sport venue quality equipment and storage facilities as well as a new oval which we share with the Lara Secondary College.  In the hall footwear should be white soled and suitable for sport.

The aim of our Physical Education program is to encourage enjoyable ways to be active, focusing on cooperation rather than competition and encouraging students to play alongside rather than against each other. 

The main areas of our program are:

  • Fundamental motor skills,
  • Safety and sportsmanship,
  • Games skills,
  • Dance,
  • Fitness.

Other areas of the program include:

  • Alternative sports, such as Badminton or T Ball and Volley Stars.

Our program includes:

  • Interschool sporting competitions for grades 5-6 students,
  • Interhouse cross country for children from grades 3-6,
  • District Lightning Premierships for winter and summer,
  • Interhouse athletics,
  • An effective water safety program.

Each year the school offers a water safety and awareness program.  All children from grade Prep – 4 can participate in the program, which aims to teach the water skills, water safety and strokes required for a child to become confident and competent in the water.  Details, fees and consent forms are provided prior to the program.  Each year the learning group students take part in a water activity day at Adventure Park.


    Expression through the arts is valued at Lara Primary School. All students from Prep through to Grade 6 enjoy a sequential art program. In art lessons students make 2D and 3D art work using a wide variety of media types, exploring line, texture and form. 

Visual Arts is celebrated through the annual Art Show, where every child’s work is proudly framed and displayed in the school for all to admire. Art work is available for sale.