Engagement - Student Safety

“All members of the Lara Primary School community 

have the right to feel safe and be safe”

Students have the right to be safe at school. They also have the responsibility to keep others safe. 

Our catch cry, “Think Safety” provides the foundations for maintaining a safe and happy school environment.

  • Everyone follows the school and classroom rules
  • Everyone follows the schoolyard rules
  • Everyone accepts the consequences of breaking the school, classroom and yard rules
  • Everyone allows others to participate
  • There are no putdowns
  • We do not cause others to be hurt
  • Everyone accepts responsibility for their actions and choices
  • We know we will not be embarrassed by others
  • We know we can communicate problems to others

All staff and parents/carers have a responsibility to uphold these expectations and to model positive and safe behaviours.

At Lara Primary School we take a preventative approach to student wellbeing and safety. The Student Engagement Policy outlines a number of prevention and early intervention strategies which help to address bullying, social relationship issues, cyber safety and general wellbeing.