Engagement - Student Support


Computer Club is offered during lunchtime twice each week. It is an excellent way to meet like minded students from all year levels, and collaboratively work on chosen challenges. Students can access this opportunity through their classroom teacher.


The Language Support Program (LSP) is a substantial program comprising direct assistance to teachers in developing strong oral language competency in children and young people to maximise their learning potential.

The school offers a Language Support Program for years Prep- 2 to assist students who require extra assistance in oral language.  Students work in small groups with our staff for two sessions a week, and focus on the areas listed below:

  • Using effective reading strategies to work out unknown words
  • Reading with fluency and expression
  • Developing deeper comprehension levels and reading for meaning
  • Writing/spelling strategies - phonemic awareness
  • Knowledge and use of common words
  • Speaking clearly and confidently
  • Listening carefully and following instructions
  • Developing literacy confidence and enjoyment
  • Broadening language use and understanding of vocabulary


All students are involved in a Buddy Program. At the beginning of the year classes are “Buddied Up” and throughout the year they are involved in activities together.  One of the highlights is the assembly item they present to the school on a Friday during the year.