Students - Blog spot

Prep Blog

Our preps are always busy doing fun activities to help them learn..See what our preps have been up to on the Lara Prep Blog

Grade 1 & 2

The 1 & 2 team would like to invite you to look at their blog pages. Read all about the exciting things they are doing at Lara Primary school. You will hear about the day to day happenings in the classrooms as well as see some great pictures of special events and even some glimpses of students work. It is definitely worth a look!

See what our Grade 1's & 2's have been up to on the Grade 1/2 Blog

Grade 3/4

The grade 3/4s are pleased to share their blog site with everyone, keeping the community up to date on all of the exciting activities happening in their grades.  Click here for the Grade 3/4 Blog

Grade 5/6

Our Learning Group are excited to share their activities with you through their blog page.   Take a look at what has been happening in the Grade 5/6 area on the Grade 5/6 Blog

Junior School Council

The JSC have so much going on they have created a blog for you follow their activities.  Take a look at the JSC Blog here.