Students - Serendip Multimedia

‘Serendip App Mutltimedia’

Eastern Barred Bandicoots - ‘EBB Release at Serendip Sanctuary’

Eastern Grey Kangaroos -  ‘Awesome Aussie Kangaroos’

Emus - ‘The Emus Have It’

Tawny Frogmouths - ‘Waanawal’

Eastern Barred Bandicoots  -‘Bandicoot On The Run”!  

Ants - 'All about ants'


'Fire. Friend or Foe'


Atom Award Winner - 20 cent quest

Eastern Grey Kangeroo by 3/4V

Blake and Taeya

Kaisha and Elisa

Wil and Josh

2013 NAB Impact Award Winners

Speech by Liam

2013 Screen it Award Entry by Liam


'Ground Water' by Deklyn

Preps Identify Serendip Animals

Tilly's Animal Idenfication

Billy's Animal Identification

Kylah's Animal Identification

Will's Animal Identification

Harry's Animal Identification

Serendip Radio Shows

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