Enrolment - Uniform

School uniform is compulsory.


The school colours are gold and green with the Lara Primary School Logo.  Bellarine Uniform supplies Lara Primary School. 

Preloved uniforms and iron on logos are available from the office.

  • Green and white check dress
  • Green windcheater
  • Gold skivvies 
  • Green tights
  • Knee length check skirt
  • Green knee length skirt/skort
  • Green rugby top
  • Green baseball jackets
  • Green trousers
  • Long/short sleeve gold polo tops
  • Green shorts
  • Green track pants
  • Black or brown shoes that cover the toes
  • Sports shoes with soft white soles
  • Green/grey/white socks
  • Thongs or open toed sandals are not permitted 


An old shirt with elastic inserted in the sleeve is ideal, or you could buy a commercially produced one.  This should be clearly marked with the child's name, preferably on the front at chest height.  This also helps the art teacher to identify the children.  Check that the smock is very roomy and will be comfortable with a jumper underneath.  Check also that the length is well below the knees and that there are no back openings.  A large smock like this should last for two years.  


Jewellery is not a part of school uniform and therefore not permitted at school. Students may wear a watch, medical bracelets and single chain necklaces for religious and medical reasons only.  Students with pierced ears must wear standard size studs or small sleepers (see Dress Code Policy). No other types of earrings are permitted.


Hair should be clean, neat and tidy. Shoulder length hair is to be kept tied back at all times. No hair sprays, rinses etc. in bright colours are to be sprayed onto hair.


The wearing of school hats is compulsory except for the winter months.  It must be a school hat. School hats must be broad-brimmed or bucket style. Caps are not permitted as they do not protect the neck and ears from the sun. If students graffiti or take the binding off the brim, a new hat will need to be purchased.


Make-up (e.g. foundation, lipstick, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow) is not part of school uniform and therefore not permitted to be worn by students.


Nails are to be kept clean and at a safe length, and only clear nail polish is permitted at school.