Welcome - Vision and Catch Cries

The Lara Primary School Community values a love of learning, a sense of fun, unique talents and an inquiring mind.
Students are challenged to achieve their personal best in a safe and caring learning environment.

Students at Lara Primary School are well catered for by caring staff with high expectations for student learning.  Students are challenged to achieve their personal best in a safe and caring learning environment; as the school strives to achieve three key goals in terms of their strategic direction:

  • To improve student learning in literacy and numeracy, with particular emphasis on writing and number.
  • To strengthen student engagement in their schooling, particularly in building independence and empowering students to take added responsibility for their own learning.
  •  To provide students with positive and seamless learning transitions, particularly within the school.

Lara Primary School supports their school vision by a collection of 6 catch cries - difference makes us unique, strive for personal best, be a problem solver, care for ourselves, others and our environment, wonder and discover, and think safety. These catch cries were developed with extensive school consultation, and are clearly displayed throughout the school.



We acknowledge and value
others when we . . .

  • Allow people to be themselves
  • Recognise that all people have strengths and weaknesses
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Celebrate individual differences
  • Do not allow individual differences to hinder learning


People who strive for
personal best . . .

  • Set goals and believe in themselves
  • Challenge themselves
  • Always look to improve
  • Take pride in their achievements
  • Bounce back from setbacks

Problem solvers are
people who . . .

  • Are thinkers
  • Discover solutions and make mistakes
  • Take responsible risks
  • Know that there is always a way
  • Want to find ways to work it out


People who care . . .

  • Look after their bodies and minds
  • Keep the environment clean and tidy
  • Are open, friendly and welcoming
  • Listen with understanding (empathy)
  • Use good manners


People who wonder 
and discover . . .

  • Ask questions everyday to learn something new
  • Have a positive attitude to new ideas
  • Find something that inspires them
  • Long to find the answers to their questions


We feel safe when . . .

  • Everyone follows the school and classroom rules
  • Everyone allows others to participate
  • Everyone cooperates with, and helps others
  • There are no put-downs