Student Attendance

At Lara Primary School, we aim to maximise student learning opportunities and performance through regular school attendance and without unnecessary absences.

Education is a sequential process. Absences often mean children miss important stages in the development of topics, meaning they are placed at a disadvantage and miss many learning opportunities. Children learn best when they attend school every day. This gives them the best chance of achieving success, making friends, and experiencing the wide range of school programs and activities we offer at Lara Primary School.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure regular attendance.

Recording of student absences is a legal requirement from the Department of Education. Regular absences will be followed up by the class teacher, the Student Wellbeing Leader, the Assistant Principal or the Principal, and absences are recorded on student reports.

Please refer to the Student Engagement Policy for more information

If a child is absent :

Lara Primary School uses compass to record student attendance. Teachers update attendance first thing in the morning and again after lunch. Please ensure your child arrives at school before 8.50am. All absences must be recorded before 9.30am to avoid receiving an automated “Unexplained Absence” email from the school.

Absences can be submitted by:

• Via Compass

• Emailing the school directly on

• Phoning the office on - 52821427

Late Arrivals

Student must go via the office and sign-in at the Compass Kiosk and collect a ‘Blue Late Pass’ to be handed into their teacher.

Early Dismissal

If you are collecting your child early, you must go via the office and sign-out at the Compass Kiosk and collect a ‘Pink Early Dismissal Pass’ and hand this to your child's teacher prior to taking your child out of school.