President's Message

Presidents Welcome

Dear Lara PS Community,

As a parent of Lara P.S and now president of the School Council I would like to welcome you to our community. Having my eldest child commence and complete her primary schooling at Lara P.S and my son nearing the end of his time also, I can be very confident in saying Lara P.S was definitely the right choice.

The journey Lara P.S has taken over the past 7 years has seen the school modernise and move with the times of technology whilst also seen improvements to safety, buildings and grounds much of the recent works attributed to our Principal and his team.

As parents, we play a vital role in the upbringing of our children though engagement with the school. School council plays a significantly important role in governance of the school and its standing within the community. Lara Primary School Council are committed to continuing to enhance the reputation of Lara P.S and ensure your children are afforded the best possible environment to live, learn and thrive. We are supported by an amazing leadership group from within the Lara P.S team and confident in their delivery of this.

With 2020 a year like no other we look to find a way back to a new normal in 2021, including the common occurrences of fundraising nights for the school where parents and teachers can socialise in a different dynamic, working bees at the school to make sure our kids have safe and maintained grounds and equipment and most of all for me, being able to see our kids complete in various activities and sports.

As they say it takes a village to raise a child, be assured Lara P.S will support your kids and you as parents and part of the community to provide the foundation for all Lara P.S children to grow into great people.

If you would like to contact myself over any School Council / General Business matters, feel free to communicate with me via the below email address:

Kind regards,

Chris McKenna
(School Council President)