Physical Education

Physical Education

At Lara Primary School we offer a complete and well-rounded Physical Education program from Prep- Grade 6.

From Prep- Grade 2, the focus of our program is to equip our students with the basic Fundamental Motor Skills that can be used across a broad range of sports like:

  • Throwing (Overarm and Underarm)

  • Catching (Overhead and Body-level)

  • Kicking (Soccer kick and AFL punt)

  • Ball Bounce (Basketball)

  • Jumping, Leaping and Dodging

  • 2 hand side-arm and Forehand Strike (Baseball, Teeball and Tennis)

From Grade 3- Grade 6, the emphasis of our program shifts into applying these Fundamental skills into different sports. This application allows the students to work on their ‘game sense’ and their strategies in team environments in a wide range of sports. Some of the sports include:

  • Basketball

  • Netball

  • Soccer

  • AFL

  • Baseball

  • European Handball

Lara Primary School is proud to have the use of both a full-sized indoor basketball court, outdoor basketball court as well as a large and well maintained oval.

We stock a large quantity and variety of sports equipment and involve our students in a range of school-wide physical opportunities which include

  • Community Sports Clinics

  • Lighting Premiership (Winter and Summer)

  • District Sports events

  • Cross Country

  • Athletics

  • Swimming

  • BluEarth

We aim to encourage enjoyable ways to be active, focusing on cooperation rather than competition and encourage students to play alongside rather than against each other.